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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

IMAGO Education AIO System

Built-in Camera & Omnidirectional Microphone

Equipped with a 104° wide angled 8MP camera, plus a 360° omnidirectional microphone with echo cancellation feature for wide band audio coverage up to 8 meters

Virtual Classroom Ready

Students can flash into virtual classrooms instantly via the web browser without installing any additional plug-ins

Classroom Management via Smart Present

Instant collaboration with seamless screen sharing and broadcasting to students’ devices, making each learning session more interactive and fun

Co-annotation & Editing

Participative teaching and learning from real time co-annotation and editing with remote participants

Video Recording & Archiving

Virtual classroom sessions can be recorded and archived on local repository, which can be integrated with Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Collaborative Whiteboard

Multi-touch Digital Collaborative Whiteboard allows content written or drawn to be saved locally or shared directly via QR code

Hybrid Private Cloud

IMAGO Flash offers adaptive hybrid support which allows users to host their own “Private Cloud” by localizing video traffic and saving on expensive WAN bandwidth


Built-in user-friendly interface with our very own IMAGO UOS

Anti-glare & anti-break screen

Anti-glare and anti-blue light technology for better eye protection, with anti-break quality for a safer learning environment

Smart Classroom Solutions

The Smart Classroom Solutions has always been our forte and we are proud to be one of the pioneers in providing All-In-One solutions for the education industry. With the intention of being efficient and user-friendly to all ages at the same time, we eliminate the usage of sundry hardware and software, by embedding and integrating its individual features into a single compact device – the IMAGO All-In-One Education System. Now educators and students can have access to the classroom at their fingertips, making it extremely easy to switch between physical and virtual setups.

IMAGO Blended Learning Solutions

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the education industry has been colossal where schools are being shut down in over 186 countries. Education cannot and must not stop with Covid-19. This period of forced closure has pushed the education sector all around the globe to work towards a more comprehensive education technology at breakneck speed. Educators and academicians have to shift their teaching to e-learning and hybrid learning modes, leaving them no other choice but to adapt to this change, both by the way of teaching and the assessment process.

The pandemic that is happening right now is shaping and transforming the education of tomorrow. To think on the bright side, Covid-19 has actually created an atmosphere for better technology-enabled learning and endorsement of hybrid learning into the education sector. It is time for educators and academicians to take advantage of the current situation to reform a better education system, by creating a resilient system that supports education excellence and future expansion over the long term.

IMAGO Hybrid Classroom Solutions helps to connect educators and students easily and dynamically to cope with the New Norm. It is specially designed for Gen Y and Gen Alpha, who are the generations that are deeply intertwined with technology as they love collaborating and exchanging information online. We describe these next generations as FOBA (Fear of Being Alone) and FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), which is why we design our solutions to be collaborative and interactive.

As hybrid learning uses online technology to not just supplement, but to transform and improve the learning process, the best teaching and learning experience can be achieved with the integration of IMAGO All-In-One Education System into the usual physical classroom. By incorporating all the crafted features with external accessories such as the AI Tracking Camera and Air Microphone technologies, this would help educators to teach in a more vibrant atmosphere and transmute the traditional boring e-learning and virtual lessons into an almost “live” learning experience.

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