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Digital Billboard | LED Display

Updated: Oct 5, 2021

Digital billboards are electronic displays that are controlled remotely by computers and are taking the outdoor advertising experience to a whole new level. Since digital billboards are controlled remotely they offer much more flexibility to the advertiser. Digital allows you to update your messages on the fly, run multiple messages in your spot, and incorporate RTD and social media feeds.

We can even set up a completely customized schedule to impact viewers at specific times of the day or days of the week. Production costs associated with digital are much lower than static. The changing of the message alone helps draw attention to the display.

Focusing on design and build of LED full color display, offering turn-key solutions (supply and installation) for medium and high-end Indoor and Outdoor LED display. We offer full range of the full color LED displays with application for both indoor and outdoor application such as LED advertisement display, LED stage display, LED irregular-shape display, LED truck display, LED sports display, LED buntings for all kinds of rental service and fixed installation for advertisement.

WBR have combined years of experience in supply, install and build standard or custom structures as well as provide software solutions to meet client’s need for LED displays in Malaysia. As a LED display supplier, we have a professional technical department responsible for repairing defective parts.

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